Learn How to Play

Anyone of any shape, form and size can learn and benefit from Kendama.

The art of Kendama comes from practicing and learning the basics and all the different forms giving you the skills necessary to land harder tricks and progressively build your own style.

Sure some people may have better hand-eye coordination starting out but don't let any initial struggle deter you.

After a couple of sessions you will surely feel the effect that this toy can have on you.

Kendama is not easy straight away and takes PRACTICE. All the pros started out just like you and had to learn the basics of landing it in the cups before they could even dream of becoming as good as they are now.

It takes determination and focus to get good at Kendama by repeatedly practicing the movements until they become muscle memory and second nature.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube about Kendama and we believe that the Sweets YouTube Tutorial Series is the best place to visit to learn how to play Kendama on your own.

Check out the links below.

EyeFlow offers private Kendama classes via the bookings tab for groups or solo depending on your preference. These classes are perfect for someone just starting out with Kendama or an experienced player looking to progress to the next level.


Also every month EyeFlow hosts a Kendama Jam in a park location where a group of players of all different levels come to share what they've been practicing, tips and play Kendama games with each other. If you sign up to our mailing list you will be updated on more information regarding meet ups or check out our blog.

If you are ever feeling stuck or like your progression is plateauing just check back to these playlists and see if you've tried all the tricks they have listed. Guaranteed you'll find a new trick you may not have even thought of yet and allow this to re-ignite your imagination to pursue the infinite possibilities of tricks Kendama offers.




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