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Tafsir Ibn Abbas: A Renowned Commentary of the Quran in Bangla

Tafsir Ibn Abbas: A Renowned Commentary of the Quran in Bangla

Tafsir Ibn Abbas is one of the earliest and most authentic commentaries of the Quran, attributed to Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA), a cousin and companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He was known as a great scholar and interpreter of the Quran, and many later tafsirs relied on his explanations and narrations. Tafsir Ibn Abbas covers the whole Quran in a concise and clear manner, using various sources of knowledge, such as Arabic poetry, hadith, fiqh, history, and linguistics.


Tafsir Ibn Abbas has been translated into many languages, including Bangla, to make it accessible to a wider audience. The Bangla translation is available in PDF format for free download from various websites, such as Tauhid er Dak [^1^], Time of BD [^2^], Archive [^3^], and Fussilat BD [^5^]. The PDF files are divided into three volumes, corresponding to the original Arabic edition.

Tafsir Ibn Abbas is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand the Quran better and learn from the insights of one of its best interpreters. The Bangla translation is easy to read and follow, and the PDF format makes it convenient to download and use. Tafsir Ibn Abbas is a treasure of Islamic knowledge that should not be missed by any Bangla-speaking Muslim.

If you want to learn more about Tafsir Ibn Abbas and its author, here are some facts and features that you should know:

  • Tafsir Ibn Abbas is also known as Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas, which means "The Enlightenment of the Basis from the Tafsir of Ibn Abbas". It is sometimes attributed to Muhammad ibn Ya'qub al-Firuzabadi, a famous lexicographer and scholar of the 14th century CE, who compiled and edited the tafsir from various sources.

  • Tafsir Ibn Abbas is based on the principle of nass, which means "textual evidence". It relies on the Quran itself, the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW), the statements of the companions (RA), and the Arabic language to explain the meanings and implications of the verses. It does not use rational arguments or speculative opinions that are not supported by evidence.

  • Tafsir Ibn Abbas is rich in linguistic analysis and literary appreciation. It explains the eloquence, style, rhetoric, and figures of speech of the Quran, and shows how they enhance its message and beauty. It also quotes extensively from pre-Islamic and Islamic poetry to illustrate the meanings and usage of words and expressions.

  • Tafsir Ibn Abbas is concise and brief, but comprehensive and thorough. It covers all aspects of the Quranic sciences, such as tawhid (monotheism), fiqh (jurisprudence), akhlaq (ethics), sirah (biography), tarikh (history), and asbab al-nuzul (occasions of revelation). It also addresses various issues and questions that arise from the Quranic text, such as abrogation, contradiction, ambiguity, and allegory.

  • Tafsir Ibn Abbas is a source of guidance and inspiration for Muslims of all times and places. It helps them to understand the Quran better and apply its teachings to their lives. It also increases their faith and devotion to Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW), and their love and respect for the companions (RA) and the early generations of Islam.

Tafsir Ibn Abbas is a masterpiece of Islamic scholarship that deserves to be studied and appreciated by every Muslim who can read Bangla. The PDF files are available for free download from the links provided above. You can also share them with your friends and family, and encourage them to read and benefit from this great tafsir. 29c81ba772


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