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Forrest Gump Essay Prompt

Below, we present to you this year's Emory University essay prompts and offer you tips for figuring out which prompts you should choose for your application. We will also look at admissions officers' feedback for real Emory essays that worked.

forrest gump essay prompt


All first-year applicants to Emory must submit one longer essay in response to either the Common Application or Coalition Application essay prompts and two short answers as part of the Emory supplement. For the first Emory essay, you must respond to the single prompt provided, and for the second essay, you can choose any one of the five prompts listed.

Fortunately, Emory offers a little advice on how you should answer these essay prompts: "We encourage you to be thoughtful and not stress about what the right answer might be. We simply want to get to know you better."

This is standard college essay prompt, asking you to elaborate on your academic plans. Emory is asking this because they want to get a better understanding of what you plan on studying in college and why you're excited about it. Students who have a solid plan for college and are genuinely passionate about their academics are more likely to do well in college and after graduation, and they're more likely to be involved on campus and give back as an alum.

For this essay, you'll have to select one prompt to answer (out of five possible prompts). These prompts are pretty varied, but they all ask you to reflect on something meaningful to you and that has helped you become the person you are today, whether that's an experience you had, an insight you gained, or a field you're passionate about.

Use these essays as an opportunity to practice writing more succinctly. Take your time to try to cut out any irrelevant or ineffective words or phrases that don't answer the prompt or reveal anything important or unique about you.

You have to write two short essays for the Emory supplement and one longer essay in response to one of the Common App or Coalition App prompts. Because some of these Emory University essay prompts are similar to the Common App/Coalition App ones, you'll want to check that you're not repeating anything you already wrote.


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