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Lesbian Movies In 2013 Bethany Potable Mont

In Jasper, Alabama, in 1997, Shonda Johnson is married five times by age twenty-eight, but is also a serial bigamist who is married to three men, one being Randy McCullar, and another being Tim Richards. When Randy learns about Shonda's secret life, Shonda is quickly arrested and charged with bigamy, and she manipulates Tim into killing Randy in a desperate attempt to keep her bigamy from being exposed. Richards gets a life sentence for pleading guilty and testifying against Shonda (despite being eligible for parole in 2013, it was revoked when he made an escape attempt thirteen months prior to his parole date). Meanwhile, Shonda gets the death penalty, but in 2014, it is commuted to life without parole.

Lesbian Movies In 2013 bethany potable mont


In Cleveland, Ohio, Uloma Curry gets impatient when her live-in boyfriend, William Walker, hasn't proposed to her after eight years of dating, and forces his hand by lying that she has Stage 4 breast cancer. After four months of marriage, Uloma uses up all his money and is in debt. In order to stop William from finding out the truth, Uloma uses her own daughter, Jackie, and her (Jackie's) boyfriend, Chad Padgett, along with his friend, Ryan Dorty, to shoot William on November 3, 2013, for his insurance money. The murder is all for nothing, however, as William's ex-wife turns out to be the beneficiary instead of Uloma, much to Uloma's shock and anger. Jackie is tried as a juvenile and receives one month in prison for delinquency, Chad pleads guilty and receives twenty-eight years, Ryan also pleads guilty and receives twenty-three years to life, and Uloma, as the mastermind, receives life without parole.

Mullin, Mike. Ashen Winter. Tanglewood, 2013. 580 p. (978-1933718989, pap.). Alex and Darla have survived the explosion of the super-volcano. When more than six months have passed, the two set off back to Iowa, in the hopes of finding his parents. They find a land even more dangerous than before, with communities desperate for food and power. DB076173

Garza, Sarah. Action! Making Movies. Teacher Created Materials, 2013. 64 p. (978-1433349492, pap.). Includes facts about how movies are made, different technologies that can be used, and the people who make the movies.

Kabir, Zubair and Keogan, S and Clarke, V and Clancy, Luke (2013)Second-hand smoke exposure levels and tobacco consumption patterns among a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Ireland. Public Health, 127, (5) , pp. 467-472.


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