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EyeFlow is a new and expanding brand. We are starting small and allowing ourselves to grow organically.

EyeFlow was started by Maximilian McInerheney who you may have the pleasure of meeting at one of our monthly meetups around Sydney, Australia.

Our Mission

EyeFlow is a portal bringing our childlike play back into our lives.

We came up with the sub heading "Evolve Your Expression"

This is a reminder that we are infinitely creative beings yearning to express ourselves and we have the ability to accomplish and do absolutely anything encoded in us.

All it takes is some practice to unlock your fullest capabilities.

In a day and age where children are being given iPhone's and computers at ridiculously young ages as pacifiers, educational tools, for gaming purposes and whatever else our kids and even adults are getting up to with technology, these days we are loosing touch with our creative and imaginative youthful play we used to be so tapped into.

It is EyeFlow's mission to reintroduce new and old ways to have fun, pass time, play with friends, improve our physical body and express ourselves creatively that don't involve being plugged into a computer screen.

EyeFlow has goals of approaching schools and doing after school programs to teach kids how to use the fun toys we sell, allowing them to reap the benefit these toys have to offer.

We are running monthly meetups in Sydney Park to play the fun and challenging games, to share tips and tricks for progressing and as a supportive space to have your hard efforts of practicing pay off with prizes to win.


Our Products

The toys we sell are not just for fun!

There are so many benefits to playing with these types of toys and it is our passion to bring these benefits to kids and adults.

These include:

  • Improving hand-eye coordination​​

  • Improving focus

  • Improving determination & discipline

  • Learning step based progression skills

  • Celebrating feelings of success

  • Infinite trick possibilities

  • Improved creative expression

  • Increased imagination

  • Better connection of the left and right hemispheres of the brain

  • Connection and support from community

Maxi is passionate about skill/flow toys and the benefit they can have on our entire being. He loves playing with Kendamas and that's why EyeFlow is starting out selling these ancient toys. We're motivated to create a beautiful community with these skill & flow toys to support many Australians in feeling they have a place to creatively express themselves in this world and would love your support in sharing our website or brand with your friends if you can think of anyone who may love to play with our toys.

If you are an educational body and would like EyeFlow to present these toys please contact us!

As we are a new shop we may not always have in stock the exact item you are feeling drawn to owning. We would like to invite you to contact us if this is the case as we are always getting our next orders ready and can organise a backorder of any product we don't currently have in stock.

Ultimately we want you to be happy and stoked!

Be sure to keep your eye on our mailing list and social media pages as we add more fun and exciting items to our store!

Sending you so much love EyeFlow Fam!

Thanks for all the support,

We are looking forward to growing with you.

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