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Sweets Boost Kendama


An ancient Japanese skill toy designed to improve your hand eye coordination dramatically through practicing catching a ball on one of three cups or a spike. However simple this toy sounds it is FAR from basic and has infinite trick possibilities.
This toy is perfect for anyone aged 7+

Evolve Your Expression

EyeFlow is dedicated to educating children and adults about toys/tools that benefit our mind, body and spirit. Community minded EyeFlow seeks to benefit the lives of all by reintroducing ways to have fun that don't involve looking at a computer screen or holding a phone. Bringing the power back into our hands the toys you find here offer you an avenure of infinite creative potential. These toys aren't just awesome fun to use they actually improve your hand-eye coordination, dexterity, focus, creative thinking + many more psychological and emotional benefits.

EFK - The Seed Shap

Pro Models


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